Infographics, Animation and 3D Design

Animated Infographic panels in responsive HTML5 format

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industrial estate html5 infographic panel

Industrial Park Las Vegas

Animated Advertising HTML5 Infographic

An advertsing panel to promote and sell an Industrial Estate project in construction. Featuring 3D model renders of the projected future estate and warehouses.

Offshore corrosion control products infographic panel

Offshore Corrosion Control Products

Static Infographic Panel with animated rollovers and info windows

A reworking of a previous 3D project displaying popup information boxes for the individual products.

Office Furniture Products infographic panel

Office Furniture Store

Multi Scene Infographic Panel with navigation & rollover product information

Features various 3D renders of office furniture products including desks, chairs and cabinets.

VAIO laptop animation video

VAIO Laptop Video 3D

Notebook rotation and screen animation

A short 3D video clip made with Cinema 4D and After Effects (approx. 11 seconds).

Project Five


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